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Asphalt and Environmental Sustainability

Monday, March 11, 2019
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Asphalt gives us the capability to minimize the impact that we have on our environment. By using it to build roads we have decreased the energy consumed in building pavements, it doesn’t wear out quickly and often only requires maintenance when it begins to break down, it is recyclable, it allows traffic to keep moving in crowded urban areas, and even provides a higher level of public safety.

Asphalt pavement requires close to 20% less energy to produce, and it is produced quicker than all other pavements. It also allows for the flow of traffic to keep going when it is under construction. Entire freeways can be resurfaced and sealed during off-peak hours so that most residents aren’t inconvenienced by road construction. The prevention of traffic congestion keeps the consumption of fuel and the production of CO2 emissions lower

Asphalt is a recyclable material. It is America’s number one recycled material. Nearly 65 million tons of it are produced each year, and nearly 99% of all of that will be reused in the future. Asphalt also doesn’t wear out as other pavements do. In most cases, asphalt just requires maintenance on the top layer over time. This could mean that the topcoat may need to be removed and replaced, or it could even just need a new seal coating.

Lastly, asphalt even helps create a safer public environment. The smooth texture of an asphalt road allows your vehicle to create superior contact with the road, which improves safety. If the asphalt is open-grated it allows for rainwater to drain through the surface of the pavement – reducing the amount of splash and spray that is kicked up by vehicles.

As you can see, asphalt is clearly the best option for most projects. Whether it’s building roads, parking lots, or driveways – it is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Call Total Asphalt Paving today at (586) 221-3293 to discuss your asphalt needs.

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