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Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance In The Winter

Monday, February 14, 2022
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Your parking lot may not be the first part of your business’s appearance that you think of, but it still shows customers something about your business. A clean, level, fresh-looking asphalt parking lot shows customers that you have things together, while a beaten-up one doesn’t send the same message. There are differing opinions on when you should have parking lot maintenance performed, but really it can be beneficial any time of year. Some people prefer to wait until spring when the snow and ice have melted, and others feel that they need their asphalt repaired right away before the winter weather makes the damage any worse.

Commercial asphalt maintenance in the winter

If your parking lot has serious damage, you’re likely sick of looking at the cracks and potholes every day when you pull into work. Even worse, you may be worried about someone injuring themselves on it and you being on the hook for some costly medical bills. Total Asphalt Paving does do minor repairs to fix parking lots during the winter, but the weather usually prevents us from doing a complete resurfacing. So, if you’ve got some bad potholes and cracks that you want to be patched up right away, Total Asphalt Paving can handle the job and give you peace of mind. The patching work that we can perform in the winter will certainly hold until the weather thaws out and you can have the surface repaved.

Commercial asphalt maintenance in the spring

Aside from the rain, spring weather is more agreeable to asphalt maintenance than the freezing cold of winter. Spring is possibly the best time to have maintenance done on your commercial parking lot. After being battered by the snow, ice, and wind through a long Michigan winter, your parking probably won’t look as fresh as you would like. If it’s been a while since your last parking lot maintenance, then it could look even worse.

Total Asphalt Paving can perform the full range of asphalt maintenance to keep your parking lot safe and looking great. Whether you need some simple and quick patch-ups to fix a few spots of damage, or you need your whole parking lot resurfaced, we can do the job efficiently and effectively. Show your customers that you care about their safety and the image you present with a beautifully paved parking lot.

Total Asphalt Paving | Commercial parking lot maintenance & more

No matter the time of year, Total Asphalt Paving is here for you. With our skilled, hardworking team and our top-quality equipment and materials, we will maintain your parking lot the way it deserves to be. You won’t find a greater value for asphalt work than Total Asphalt can provide. We care about our reputation and the quality of our work, and we respect your trust in us and the value of your money. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in our maintenance and paving work, every time.

To get a quote on commercial asphalt parking lot maintenance, give us a call at (586) 752-9060 or send in an online contact form.


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