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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Best Metro Detroit Paving Contractor 2021

& BUILD Trade Integrity Excellence Award 2021

Total Asphalt Paving was founded in 1982 by father and son, Don and Ben Daveluy. Between them, they had over 30 years of experience in asphalt manufacturing. With this in-depth knowledge of asphalt, they began a company with a simple concept: “If you provide good quality work to your customers, then the company will grow.”


Over 39 years later, Total Asphalt Paving is still standing behind this concept by providing exceptional asphalt services for competitive prices to customers in Oakland and Macomb County, as well as throughout Michigan.

In April of 2017, Total Asphalt Paving was purchased by Bob Oliver. Bob continues to offer the tradition of good, quality work for his customers at competitive prices. As a key employee at Total Asphalt Paving for more than 25 years, Bob has helped to build a great reputation at Total Asphalt Paving for satisfied, returning customers. Since 1985, Bob has worked from the ground up in the asphalt industry to become knowledgeable at building and estimating jobs as well as problem-solving and creating solutions for all paving needs.

The customer’s concerns are the company’s concerns at Total Asphalt Paving. Bob, and his wife Joyce, who handles the office operations, both encourage their staff to listen to customer needs and provide results that serve customers accordingly. Bob continues to share his paving knowledge and experience with the addition of his two sons, Rob and Brian, who are valuable assets to have within the team and incorporate their skills as sales estimators and project managers. With new ownership comes rejuvenation and enthusiasm to serve the community and provide a long-lasting future in the paving industry. Bob and his staff look forward to offering many years of great paving experiences!

Total Asphalt Paving offers a full range of asphalt services to residential, business, and commercial customers, as well as working on every type of project alongside contractors, builders, inspectors, cities, and townships to make sure all projects are within guidelines and requirements for each individual area, whether it’s new construction, removing and replacing existing asphalt, driveways, car parks, paths, tennis, and basketball courts, as well as repairing and maintaining existing asphalt.

The company also deals with several factors such as underground work, cement curbing, drainage, permits, and foundation requirements. Its project managers oversee each job and make sure the foremen are well-informed about each project individually, and they are often out on the job site with the teams to follow up and make sure everything is going as expected.

After being in business for 39 years, Total Asphalt Paving’s reputation speaks volumes regarding what its customers can expect. Bob and Joyce plan to continue in this business for many, many more years to come, so keeping a high reputation for quality work at a reasonable price is their priority. They stand behind their work and resolve any issues that may arise in a way that does what is best for the project and customer. They believe in the importance of being true to their word and in treating their customers with value and respect. They appreciate that their customers have put their trust, confidence, and investment into the company’s ability to offer them a good and satisfying project. Total Asphalt Paving takes the time to do the little things on jobs that make a difference in the long run. Its crews are respectable, professional, neat, and not only very skilled at their trade, but they take pride in their work and leave the worksite clean.

The future at Total Asphalt Paving is very bright and promising. There are already plans for the business to remain in the family with Bob and Joyce’s two sons eventually taking ownership upon Bob’s future retirement. Total Asphalt Paving has seasoned and valued employees who have been with the company for many years who plan to continue their career with it, which makes Total Asphalt Paving stronger and more reliable for its customers. It continues to add to its crews and train new employees so that the workforce remains strong, and also makes it a point to do continual and preventative maintenance on all its equipment so that any downtime during the work season is minimized. In addition to this, the company has moved to a larger facility which it had built in 2020, providing more room for office staff, equipment maintenance, trucking, and equipment. The company keeps investing in its equipment to make sure the machines and tools are updated and able to consistently provide the quality required.

Total Asphalt Paving’s workload has been high, and it believes that it will maintain a very busy schedule taking on new customers as well as servicing existing customers with the top standard of work that it is known for.


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