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Macomb County Business Award Nominee

Friday, September 17, 2021
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Congratulations again to Total Asphalt Paving, Inc!  They were nominated for a Macomb County Business Award in Hidden Gem category.  The Hidden Gem depicts small businesses with 1-50 employees that offer a unique “made in Macomb” product or service that more people should know about.


It was an honor to be nominated for this category as they are a leader in commercial and residential asphalt paving in both Oakland and Macomb counties.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel presented the awards on Thursday, September 26th at Jimmy John’s Field located in downtown Utica.  It was a great turnout and a true celebration of Macomb County's business success.


Total Asphalt is dedicated to building not only quality driveways, parking lots, paths, and roadways but also to building great relationships. With our large array of asphalt paving equipment, we can complete a wide variety of asphalt paving jobs with standards that far exceed a smaller, less equipped company.


Total Asphalt Paving is committed to being the leading provider of residential and commercial asphalt paving services in Macomb County and Oakland County, Michigan.


Take advantage of our FREE driveway paving estimates and parking lot paving estimates. We also offer cost-free evaluations for any of your other paving needs!  Call Total Asphalt Paving today at 586-752-9060.


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