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Maintaining Your Commercial & Industrial Parking Lots in Winter

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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One of the biggest pitfalls of the winter months here in Michigan is the inevitable, crumbling infrastructure due to the falling temperatures.  Whether in a drought or a blizzard, asphalt paving is the most conducive material to use to combat such extreme weather conditions.  Asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roads have a much longer lifespan than concrete in such weather conditions.  Ultimately, asphalt is smooth, strong, and durable and is prone to substantial flexibility as opposed to concrete.

Since the material in asphalt is engineered to allow for expansion and reduction, fluctuating weather conditions throughout the year are much more manageable.  In comparison, concrete is engineered for strength, not flexibility.  Therefore, considering temperatures at-or-below freezing, concrete is susceptible to cracking and rapid deterioration.

What’s more, is that driveway and parking lot maintenance increases as the weather gets colder and the ground starts to freeze and compact.  So, we have a few tips for home and business owners on how to keep their driveways and parking lots safe and maintained throughout the duration of the winter.

Considering that asphalt is the better material for your commercial or residential paving, it is important to keep your home or business and its driveways, parking lots, and access points maintained.  Before the snow falls, make sure your areas are free of debris like fallen branches, rocks, and miscellaneous trash before snow plowing.

All-in-all, when you are deciding between concrete and asphalt in Macomb County, the pros of asphalt well outweigh the cons and it is the most cost-effective option you can choose.  Located in Washington Township, Total Asphalt, Inc. makes it easy for you to request a quote!   As a leading local asphalt paving company, we are always prepared to provide the best in customer service.

If you have any questions about the benefits of asphalt paving or are interested in a free paving estimate, please contact us today at (586) 267-0663.   Feel free to fill out our contact form on our website, as well.


For additional information, you can also click the following link to read The Benefit of Asphalt by the National Asphalt Paving Association.

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