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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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If a brand new asphalt parking lot or driveway is on your wish list this year, then there’s no better time to act than now! As you might imagine, the new year is a busy time for asphalt paving and the spring thaw is even more hectic. To skip the line this year, you’ll want to reserve your appointment now. Asphalt paving from Total Asphalt Paving has tons of benefits that can save you money and keep your home and business safer. Whether you need a complete paving replacement or you’re just looking for small patching, then read on to see how asphalt can improve your property.

Is asphalt better than concrete?

Yes, asphalt is the superior paving choice for many reasons.

  • Asphalt is installed quickly, setting soon after being paved so you can use it nearly right away.
  • Asphalt is smoother and more durable than concrete.
  • Salt doesn’t break down asphalt, so winter safety precautions won’t stain your asphalt.
  • With asphalt’s flexibility, it has no problem with winter freezing which can crack concrete.
  • Asphalt costs considerably less than concrete to install.
  • Pesky car oil stains are well hidden by the dark color of asphalt.
  • When your asphalt eventually needs maintenance, patchwork is quick and easy.

So, asphalt is better than concrete in just about every way. From the cheaper cost to the increased durability and lifespan to the cleaner, smoother look, asphalt is the best choice for your home’s driveway or your business’s parking lot.

Total Asphalt Paving | Start 2022 strong with new asphalt!

The experts at Total Asphalt Paving have tons of experience working with asphalt, and we want you to reap all of the benefits asphalt has to offer. Our dedicated professionals can pave your driveway or parking lot exactly how you want it to be, and we’ll always stay on schedule so that you aren’t inconvenienced for long. We serve the Macomb County with any asphalt needs, big and small, whether it’s for your home or your business. Asphalt paving will save you time, money, and headaches over the coming years, what’s not to like about that?

If you would like to be one of our first paving projects in 2022, then give us a call today at (586) 752-9060 or fill out an online contact form to get in touch. We can give you more information, an estimate, or schedule an appointment for you!


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