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Summer Is Perfect for Repaving Your Parking Lot

Friday, July 8, 2022
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If you’re looking to get a commercial parking lot installed or repave your current one, summer is the perfect time of year to do it. The team at Total Asphalt Paving has the expertise you need to pave a level, clean, and lasting parking lot at your business. If you don’t need as large of a job as a repaving, we can still offer you a new seal coating, which is quicker and still refreshes the look and durability of your parking lot. So, why should you have Total Asphalt Paving redo your commercial parking lot this summer?

There is no better time of year for paving

All of the concerns throughout the year that could slow the paving process or lessen the quality of the finished product are at a minimum during summer. The weather is just right, with less chance of rain than during the spring, and no chance of snow, unlike in the winter. Plus, there aren’t falling leaves like during the fall. Rain and snow will slow the job, as it affects how well the asphalt sets. Leaves will get stuck in the asphalt and leave marks or lessen the quality of the sealing. During summer, it’s blue skies and hot weather which make for the perfect conditions to let asphalt set.

School is out!

For elementary, middle, and high schools, now is the most convenient time of year to have your parking lot repaved. If hundreds of cars driving through your parking lot and winter conditions have damaged it, you need to get that fixed. Large cracks and potholes are a liability that you don’t want to deal with. So, while school is out of session, have your parking lot repaved so that it’s perfect when the students come back in the fall.

Winter erosion is still far out

Winter is a brutal season not just for runny noses and cold skin, but also in your commercial parking lot. The snow melts into the cracks of your parking lot and expands as it freezes, deepening the cracks and forming new ones. Plus, cars still have to drive over that parking lot, and they’ll continue to contribute to the damage, too. But, if you get your asphalt repaved this summer, it can set and solidify months before the winter comes so that it’s prepared for the challenge.

Total Asphalt Paving | Commercial parking lot paving done by experts

There’s no better material to pave your parking lot with than asphalt. It’s cheaper than concrete, better looking, and its flexibility makes it more durable against cracks from stress and freezing. When it comes to asphalt, there’s no better company to trust than Total Asphalt Paving. Total Asphalt Paving has been providing unmatched quality and customer service for 4 decades! We know how to pave parking lots so that they come out perfectly and last for years.

To learn more about our paving process or to get an estimate, give us a call at (586) 752-9060 or fill out an online contact form now!


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