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There’s Still Time to Get a New Asphalt Driveway

Friday, August 12, 2022
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August signals the coming end of summer and lets you know it’s time to soak up the nice weather while you still can. While you’re hitting the beach or heading up north, remember that there’s something else you should take advantage of while the weather is still warm. That’s replacing your driveway with a new asphalt driveway from Total Asphalt Paving. Summer is the perfect time to replace your driveway for a number of reasons, and we still have some availability before the cold weather hits.

Reasons to replace your driveway in the summer

There are plenty of factors that make summer the perfect time to replace your driveway with a new asphalt driveway.

Low chance of weather trouble

Aside from the occasional storm, summer weather couldn’t be better for installing new asphalt. The heat and dry weather help to allow asphalt to set the way it’s supposed to, giving you a clean finished product. Rain and snow disrupt the binding process of asphalt and can ruin the integrity of your new driveway. In autumn leaves fall and can stain or become trapped in your new driveway, marking up its appearance before it’s even finished.

More availability

Since summer is such a good time to install asphalt, it becomes the peak season for paving companies. Paving companies take on more jobs in the summer since they can work longer hours and more consistent days, whereas in the winter it may be tough to find a company that’s available for your project.

Your driveway is ready for the winter

The most stressful season for any paved surface in Michigan is during the winter. Not only does a driveway have the regular stress of weight from cars, it also has to deal with the elements. Any cracks or potholes in your driveway are likely to get worse during the winter. Water freezes and expands the cracks, and road salt erodes concrete and weakens it. A new asphalt driveway fights the elements in two ways:

  • Asphalt is flexible and durable – Since asphalt has a more rubbery makeup than regular concrete, it can withstand the weight of cars and trucks without cracking. It can also resist cracking when water freezes within it.
  • Asphalt resists road salt chemicals – The chemicals in road salt can start to break down concrete over time, weakening it against other stresses. But asphalt is better at resisting these chemical reactions, so it won’t be weakened by road salt like concrete will be.

Total Asphalt Paving | Asphalt residential driveways

Freshen up your driveway just in time to protect it against the cold weather with Total Asphalt Paving. Our experts can lay down a perfect asphalt driveway for your home while we still have the summer weather on our side. Then, come winter, your driveway will be ready to stand strong against snow, salt, and ice so that it still looks great next year.

Give us a call now at (586) 752-9060 to schedule an appointment for an asphalt driveway or send in an online contact form today!


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